Prize Recipients

Meet our 2022 Prize recipients.

Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects or view the 2022 Princeton Prize winning projects [PDF].

  • Sarah Adams

    While Sarah's focus is on racial equity in education, her activism has no boundaries.
  • Damilola Awofisayo

    Damilola started her own hackathon called TecHacks which has been recognized by a number of media including CheddarTV, Yahoo, Apple Newsroom and Fox.
  • Abram Barker

    Abram is the producer of The Hive, their high school news program, and is co-president of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club at LHS.
  • Kaviya Chidambaram

    Kaviya co-founded her school district's Diversify Our Narrative (DON) chapter.
  • Zahra Chowdhury

    Zahra created and organized the Counselors not Cops (CNC) campaign in Memphis.
  • Maya Dummett

    Maya serves as the president of Melanin Minds, one of the leading student organizations pursuing racial justice in Morristown.
  • Soledad (Solie) Edison

    Soledad (Solie) serves as the council chair of the Student Equity Council and works for public advocacy for marginalized groups in the district.
  • Simone Maggie Gibson Thomas

    Simone Maggie serves as senior class treasurer, Grier Int/Advanced Dance Company member and founder of Beyond the Bubble Club.
  • Hannah Guan

    Hannah put her concern for racial disparities in education into action when she founded San Antonio Math Include (SaMi,
  • Isabella Hanson

    Isabella launched a national poetry competition, "I Matter", on why Black Lives Matter.
  • Zoya Haq

    Zoya co-founded HiStory Retold, a student-led project, to take a stand.
  • Aminieli James Hopson

    Aminieli founded E.O. Smith's Cultural Awareness Brigade (CAB).
  • Allison Hunter

    Alison is the president of the Young Mobilizers. She created and spearheaded the Protect the Homeless Atlanta Campaign.
  • Lina Jabr

    Lina serves as secretary of the Hoover chapter of Diversify Our Narrative and as an organizer for her local Student Diversity Council.
  • Millie Liao

    Millie is the founder of the Youth Against Hate Coalition where she works to give youth platforms within traditionally "adults-only" spaces.
  • Brian Mhando

    Brian serves as the president of multiple groups including Regis' Black Student Union and Heritage Club.
  • Bernadette Nwokeji

    Bernadette drafted legislation that tackles the invasive and visible remnant of racial segregation: food deserts.
  • Emmanuella Osei

    Emmanuella is the founder and leader of Rise Up Mentorship, a program developed to support Black and Brown students as they tackle rigorous courses.
  • Zachary Patterson

    Zachary is the first student to serve as a member of the San Diego Board of Education, representing over 100,000 students.
  • Kashyap Rajesh

    Kashyap serves as the global chapter director at Encode Justice and is helping to make local communities safer.
  • Danielle Respler

    Danielle is the co-founder of the Indigenous Advocates Association (IAA).
  • Diamond Rhodes

    Diamond is the president of RACE (Respect All Cultures Equally), the first cultural representative and respective organization at Padua.
  • Jadyn Sheats

    Jadyn serves as the president of the Black Student Union; co-president of Core; a student ambassador; and a class representative.
  • Ella Sherin

    Ella founded and leads the Olympia Native Students Union (ONSU), and worked to open a Title IX program in the Olympia School District.
  • Vaishnavi Tummala

    Vaish founded the Hope for Living Project and is a board member for the Neutral Zone.
  • Andrea (Anie) Udosen

    Anie founded Fairfield for Change, an organization to advocate for diversity and inclusion within the Fairfield City School District.
  • Grace Xia

    • Grace Xia
    Grace founded Asian Uplift, a 501(c)(3) social justice organization empowering Asian communities through education, service and activism.
  • Andrew Yang

    Andrew is the president and founder of the Arlington High School Asian American Coalition (AHSAAC).
  • Kyler Zhou

    • Kyler Zhou
    Kyler is the founder and executive director of Hear Our Voices magazine.

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