Prize Recipients

We have awarded over 300 Prizes and recognized over 850 students for their outstanding work in race relations.

Meet our 2020 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects or view the 2020 Princeton Prize winning projects [PDF].

  • Sarah Arafat

    Sarah Arafat serves as senior class president as well as president of her school's Interfaith Club.
  • Nicholas Anglin

    Nicholas Anglin serves as the chief executive officer of his own nonprofit, Black, Young, and Educated (B.Y.E.).
  • Keiara Baker

    Keiara Baker has been involved in various school projects that have been instrumental in addressing issues of racial prejudice.
  • Calvin Bell III

    Calvin Bell III started a capstone project entitled "Community Engagement in the City of Camden and its Impact on the Rates of Violence."
  • Sasha Benson

    Sasha Benson created a program called A Safe Space to educate younger girls of color on microaggressions, breaking stereotypes, and how to deal with...
  • Camille Chang

    Camille Chang co-leads her school's Student Equity Advisory (SEA), which serves as a meeting place for all affinity and alliance groups on her campus...
  • Aisha Chebbi

    Aisha Chebbi is the founder and host of "The Hybrid Podcast," which fosters much-needed conversation about the beauties and struggles of balancing...
  • Alexandra Drakeford

    Alexandra Drakeford serves as student body president, was crowned Homecoming Queen, and founded Teaching Tolerance @PLP.
  • Darlene Folas

    Darlene Folas created WOKE (Where Our Kids Empower) to create conducive spaces for students to navigate individual, interpersonal and institutional...
  • Brandon Griggs

    Brandon Griggs founded Hear the Youth, an organization empowering youth to have a voice and improve the policies addressing issues that affect them.
  • Farheen Khan

    Farheen Khan created Students for Progressive Change as an outlet for students to have a voice in changes necessary in her school district.
  • Mariam Khan

    Mariam Khan founded the Global Youth Activists (GYA), a youth-driven organization which aims to amplify student voices, fight for marginalized...
  • Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez is the founder of the Student Voter Empowerment Coalition (SVEC) in Dallas.
  • Katrina Marinelli

    Katrina Marinelli serves as the president and founder of One Book-One Poly: Breaking the Boundaries, a school and community-wide book club aimed at...
  • Chantel McCrea

    Chantel McCrea serves as the leader and founder of a group called the Diversity Ambassadors, a group created to promote racial equity as well as...
  • Elizabeth Metz

    Elizabeth Metz is the executive vice president and student body president-elect and the multimedia editor of the student news organization, the...
  • Krishay Mukhija

    Krishay Mukhija is the founder of Suits2Empower, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Leanne Nunes

    Leanne Nunes is the executive high school director of IntegrateNYC (INYC), a youth-led integration organization whose main goal is to ensure that...
  • Jason Nuñez

    Jason Nuñez founded the Student Equity and Inclusion Committee which meets monthly with faculty to discuss ways to improve the community's approach...
  • Jhoni Palmer

    Jhoni Palmer serves as an executive leader in the Denver Public Schools' Student Voice and Leadership Coalition (SVLC).
  • Srihari Ravi

    Srihari Ravi researched the achievement and opportunity gaps in his school district, Montgomery County Public Schools, for a 20-page IB Maths...
  • Samira Rivera

    Samira Rivera and her classmates worked with the Chicago History Museum to establish a temporary and permanent exhibit featuring Latinx history.
  • Sherrod Session

    Sherrod Session serves as the youth education chairman through the NAACP at the BBYO annual conference.
  • Manav Shah

    Manav Shah founded LiberatedVoices, a nonprofit that uses protest art as a vehicle of communication in helping refugee youth express their journeys...
  • Savannah Shepherd

    Savannah Shepherd led the official process to have a state marker erected to memorialize the 1903 lynching of George White.
  • Aniyah Stokes

    Aniyah Stokes is the president of the National Honor Society, a functioning head of Farmington's District Diversity Committee, and has served on...
  • Amira Tripp Folsom

    Amira Tripp Folsom is a gun violence prevention activist and a leader of the organization Re-Innovate Evolve Prevent.
  • Kyla Warman

    Kyla Warman serves as the founder and president of Kearney Inclusion N' Diversity (K.I.N.D.), the first organization of its kind in her school...
  • Alora Young

    Alora Young is the founder of AboveGround, an organization that strives to increase the accessibility of advanced academics to students of color...