2020 Prize Recipients

Meet our 2020 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects.

  • Savannah Shepherd

    Savannah Shepherd led the official process to have a state marker erected to memorialize the 1903 lynching of George White.
  • Aniyah Stokes

    Aniyah Stokes is the president of the National Honor Society, a functioning head of Farmington's District Diversity Committee, and has served on...
  • Amira Tripp Folsom

    Amira Tripp Folsom is a gun violence prevention activist and a leader of the organization Re-Innovate Evolve Prevent.
  • Kyla Warman

    Kyla Warman serves as the founder and president of Kearney Inclusion N' Diversity (K.I.N.D.), the first organization of its kind in her school...
  • Alora Young

    Alora Young is the founder of AboveGround, an organization that strives to increase the accessibility of advanced academics to students of color...