2020 Prize Recipients

Meet our 2020 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects.

  • Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez is the founder of the Student Voter Empowerment Coalition (SVEC) in Dallas.
  • Katrina Marinelli

    Katrina Marinelli serves as the president and founder of One Book-One Poly: Breaking the Boundaries, a school and community-wide book club aimed at...
  • Chantel McCrea

    Chantel McCrea serves as the leader and founder of a group called the Diversity Ambassadors, a group created to promote racial equity as well as...
  • Elizabeth Metz

    Elizabeth Metz is the executive vice president and student body president-elect and the multimedia editor of the student news organization, the...
  • Krishay Mukhija

    Krishay Mukhija is the founder of Suits2Empower, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Leanne Nunes

    Leanne Nunes is the executive high school director of IntegrateNYC (INYC), a youth-led integration organization whose main goal is to ensure that...
  • Jason Nuñez

    Jason Nuñez founded the Student Equity and Inclusion Committee which meets monthly with faculty to discuss ways to improve the community's approach...
  • Jhoni Palmer

    Jhoni Palmer serves as an executive leader in the Denver Public Schools' Student Voice and Leadership Coalition (SVLC).
  • Srihari Ravi

    Srihari Ravi researched the achievement and opportunity gaps in his school district, Montgomery County Public Schools, for a 20-page IB Maths...
  • Samira Rivera

    Samira Rivera and her classmates worked with the Chicago History Museum to establish a temporary and permanent exhibit featuring Latinx history.
  • Sherrod Session

    Sherrod Session serves as the youth education chairman through the NAACP at the BBYO annual conference.
  • Manav Shah

    Manav Shah founded LiberatedVoices, a nonprofit that uses protest art as a vehicle of communication in helping refugee youth express their journeys...