2020 Prize Recipients

Meet our 2020 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects.

  • Nicholas Anglin

    Nicholas Anglin serves as the chief executive officer of his own nonprofit, Black, Young, and Educated (B.Y.E.).
  • Sarah Arafat

    Sarah Arafat serves as senior class president as well as president of her school's Interfaith Club.
  • Keiara Baker

    Keiara Baker has been involved in various school projects that have been instrumental in addressing issues of racial prejudice.
  • Calvin Bell III

    Calvin Bell III started a capstone project entitled "Community Engagement in the City of Camden and its Impact on the Rates of Violence."
  • Sasha Benson

    Sasha Benson created a program called A Safe Space to educate younger girls of color on microaggressions, breaking stereotypes, and how to deal with...
  • Camille Chang

    Camille Chang co-leads her school's Student Equity Advisory (SEA), which serves as a meeting place for all affinity and alliance groups on her campus...
  • Aisha Chebbi

    Aisha Chebbi is the founder and host of "The Hybrid Podcast," which fosters much-needed conversation about the beauties and struggles of balancing...
  • Alexandra Drakeford

    Alexandra Drakeford serves as student body president, was crowned Homecoming Queen, and founded Teaching Tolerance @PLP.
  • Darlene Folas

    Darlene Folas created WOKE (Where Our Kids Empower) to create conducive spaces for students to navigate individual, interpersonal and institutional...
  • Brandon Griggs

    Brandon Griggs founded Hear the Youth, an organization empowering youth to have a voice and improve the policies addressing issues that affect them.
  • Farheen Khan

    Farheen Khan created Students for Progressive Change as an outlet for students to have a voice in changes necessary in her school district.
  • Mariam Khan

    Mariam Khan founded the Global Youth Activists (GYA), a youth-driven organization which aims to amplify student voices, fight for marginalized...