2019 Prize Recipients

Meet our 2019 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects.

  • Jocelyne Argüelles

    Jocelyne Argüelles is one of the three Student Board of Education representatives for her school, as well as the president of the Latinx Student...
  • Karson Baldwin

    Karson Baldwin is the founder of Oné Respé, a relationship-based partnership between immigrant and refugee students at Cleveland's K-12 International...
  • Shawn Brooks

    Shawn Brooks serves as senior class president as well as president for More Than Words, a leadership diversity training club.
  • Emily "Emmy" Cho

    Emily "Emmy" Cho is the president and co-founder of the Chicago North Shore Asian-American Youth Coalition (AAYC), which was founded with the vision...
  • Kristopher Hill

    Kristopher Hill created and directs the group Engaging in Our New Surroundings (EONS), which involves students from University Prep and Grosse Pointe...
  • Mawahib Ismail

    Mawahib Ismail is a Senior Leadership Council Member in her school's Black Student Union.
  • Jonathan Janvier

    Jonathan Janvier serves as president and co-founder of the Racial and Social Justice Alliance, RASJA, bringing students together to discuss problems...
  • Elijah Jones

    Elijah Jones is a junior class officer and is co-president of the school's Black Student Union (BSU).
  • Soleil Kelly

    Soleil Kelly is the president and founder of the Black Student Union (BSU) at the school, the first in the region, and is also a captain of the...
  • Melissa Khasbagan

    Melissa Khasbagan established 1000 Books in 2018 to provide students with the resources to learn English to become global citizens.
  • Peyton Klein

    Peyton Klein is the founder of Global Minds Initiative, a student-led, international movement to combat cultural intolerance and discrimination in...
  • Vinay Konuru

    Vinay Konuru is organizing a community workshop on the importance of racial diversity in gifted education, inviting nationally renowned education...
  • Sarina Krishnan

    Sarina Krishnan is a San Diego native and loves the city's vastly diverse community of people with unique cultures, religions, and backgrounds.
  • Sabrina McFarland

    Sabrina McFarland has led and assisted in a broad spectrum of school-wide programming aimed at improving race relations
  • Audrey McNeal

    Audrey McNeal founded the first political debate club in her school's history called Political Converse.
  • Hananeel Morinville

    Hananeel Morinville founded the Black Student Union at Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park and serves as its current president.
  • Ana Mosisa

    Ana Mosisa has engaged in various race relations activities throughout her community. She is the founder and president of her school's African...
  • Kennedy Musgrave

    Kennedy Musgrave created the International Baccalaureate Achievers program for African American students on track to enter or pursuing the IB Diploma...
  • Frishta Nasari

    Frishta Nasari is a senior at Emmett J. Conrad High School in Dallas. Frioshta fled war and persecution in Ghazni, Afghanistan at the age of 13....

  • Elijah "RaShad" Oliver

    Elijah “RaShad” Oliver has dedicated the last few years to engineering bonds to fix racial fracturing in both his school and local communities.
  • Nia Reid-Vicars

    During her junior year, Nia Reid-Vicars created her school's Black Student Union as a way for the small number of black students to share their...
  • Jazmine Shaw

    Jazmine Shaw serves on the executive board of David Brearley Middle/High School's Race Matters Alliance.
  • Amela Sijecic

    Amela Sijecic serves as the founder and president for a program called S.I.D.E. With Us (Students Improving Diversity & Equity), which includes...
  • Joshua St. Hill

    Joshua St. Hill was the playwright and lead actor of an award-winning play, "A King's Story." 
  • Mei Mei Sun

    Mei Mei Sun has been acutely aware of the neo-segregation that plagues the Magic City.
  • Bianca Torres Murray

    Bianca Torres Murray interned for Professor Sean Kennedy at Loyola Law School's (LLS) Center for Juvenile Law and Policy.
  • Kayla E. Webster

    Kayla E. Webster is president of the school's African American Culture Club and co-founder and vice president of the second high school chapter of...
  • Kidest Yigezu

    Kidest Yigezu is president of the Mosaics Club, which opens doors to start dialogues about racial inequality and social justice.