Missouri student wins Princeton University award for film about Black teacher's impact

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May 20, 2022

A Lebanon High School senior who created "Good Morning, Mrs. Ford", a documentary about a Black teacher who faced discrimination, is the winner of a prestigious Princeton University award.

Abram Barker pieced together the twelve-minute masterpiece. It landed him Princeton University's Prize in Race Relations award for the region this year.

Barker, who has spent his entire life in the southern Missouri town of Lebanon, showcased Mrs. Eleanor Ford—one of the district's only African American educators. Ford died about thirty years ago, but Barker's film goes above and beyond to keep her memory alive in the town of 14,400 people.

He brought attention to her life by interviewing her family and other people who knew her—and whose lives she touched. Barker's film was part of Lebanon High School's first-ever Black History Month, to recognize the first Black teacher in the integrated school.

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