Zoe Terry

2023 - MIAMI

Zoe Terry is a junior at Miami Country Day School in Miami, Florida. Zoe serves as the founder of Zoe's Dolls and has been working on Zoe's Dolls for almost 12 years, ever since she was bullied for the color of her skin and the texture of her hair. Since then, she's worked to build an organization that has promoted positive Black body images by giving away thousands of Black dolls through chapters around the country and abroad. She has also cultivated programs that empower Black youth domestically and internationally by giving them a platform to amplify their collective voices. In addition to founding Zoe's Dolls, she started a chapter of Zoe's Dolls at her school. She serves as the president of the Zoe's Dolls Club at her school (she started the club four years ago). She also helps direct the activities of the club at her school and at three other Zoe's Dolls Clubs that were started at different schools. Zoe wants to "create an environment that views Black girls as equals" and a platform where people can "learn about . . . the struggles Black people have had to overcome." Zoe is also the current co-president of the Black Student Union at her majority white school and has helped other students of color find their voices at the school. She was instrumental in helping open the school's facilities for swimming lessons for children in the African-American community after researching the history of access to public swimming pools and the prevalence of drowning deaths among children of color. Zoe has been credited with helping to de-escalate tensions between various communities at her school and helps everyone feel proud of themselves. Zoe has been recognized domestically and internationally for her efforts in race relations. Most recently Zoe was honored with a proclamation naming October 19 "Zoe Terry and Zoe's Dolls Day" in Miami-Dade County.