Ziba Ahamad

2023 - DENVER

Ziba Ahamad is a junior at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Colorado. After completing a school podcast project about racial discrimination, Ziba dove into research about how contemporary racism is fostered within the student body. Through her research, she found a strong correlation between a lack of education and racism. Ziba realized that a student club would be the perfect outlet to combat racial discrimination within her school. In 2019, she founded the Racial Student Allies (RSA) Club for her middle school with the intention of targeting a young audience to foster racial awareness that would remain throughout adulthood. She established an environment for critical discussion about racial discrimination within the school environment and methods to combat it. Through her race work at Peak to Peak Charter School, Ziba collaborated with many teachers and administrators to spread racial and cultural awareness. She presented her plans to utilize education to target audiences to her school's administrative board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she served on the virtual Boulder Valley School District Youth Equity Council, where she shared and gained ideas for advancing RSA. The RSA has pushed for the normalization of racial equity discussion and the acceptance of diversity. Not only was it a key initiative in combating racism within Ziba's middle school, but it also provided a place of community for over 70 like-minded members to channel their activism. In the future, she hopes to expand her work to her district’s elementary schools and inspire and guide clubs in other school districts as well.