T'Emimimo Oshin

2024 - DETROIT

T'Emimimo (T'Emi) Oshin, a senior at Dow High School in Midland, Michigan, is a strong advocate for racial equity, cultural awareness and education. Growing up in a predominantly white town, she recognized the deep isolation many black students faced at her school. Determined to create change, T'Emi co-founded Dow High's first-ever Black Student Alliance (BSA) in 2022. Through the BSA, T'Emi leads a dedicated group of changemakers in eradicating racial barriers and advocating for diversity, ensuring no one feels isolated because of their identity. Over the past two years, the BSA has delivered educational presentations on topics such as Martin Luther King Jr., Black History Month and their personal experiences as POCs to over 400 students and staff districtwide. To expand their impact, T'Emi established Black Youth of Midland (BYM), an organization connecting students in grades 6-12, helping them build confidence and thrive as students of color. The program currently includes more than 25 students from seven different schools. As BSA's co-founder and co-president and BYM's founder, T'Emi plays a crucial role in healing the deep wounds racism has left in her community's children. She also serves on the Dow High Student Diversity Board, Midland Youth Inclusivity Council and as a mentor for Students and Future Technology, promoting educational equity by bringing her STEM skills to underserved communities. T'Emi is excited to continue working toward the advancement of racial equity and cultural awareness by pursuing a career as a physician and advocating for a healthier, more equitable future.