Tanirika Choudhry


Tanirika Choudhry, a senior at Poolesville High School from Clarksburg, Maryland, is president of the Asian American Progressive Student Union (AAPSU), a youth-led organization focused on promoting civic engagement and advocating for educational equity. After gaining support and feedback from school council members, student organizations and hundreds of students, Tanirika and a few other students presented a comprehensive list of how the Montgomery County Board of Education could better support the success of students of color. The list included school curriculum improvements, resources for mental health and diverse staffing. This led the AAPSU to work with the county to develop and pilot an Asian Pacific Islander Desi Ethnic Studies course and collaborate on an anti-Asian-hate task force. As president of AAPSU, Tanirika has also led community discussions on topics such as ESL education and the use of policing in schools. Recently, she organized a youth listening session with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division on resources and strategies to address issues relating to bullying and harassment. Tanirika believes that to promote racial equity, institutions must foster a platform where narratives are shared, ideas are exchanged and communities are uplifted. Beyond AAPSU, Tanirika serves as a local policy deputy for her county's regional student government association and a lead youth ambassador of Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services. She is also an avid Indian classical dancer. She hopes to continue her passion for public policy and advocacy by intersecting these fields as she pursues a medical career.