Stephanie Hu


Stephanie Hu is a junior at Tesoro High School from Orange County, California. Her identity as a Chinese American has pushed her to passionately uplift marginalized voices into intersectional activism. With the rise in anti-Asian racism and violence during COVID-19, Stephanie finds it crucial to advocate for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community. In April of 2020, Stephanie founded Dear Asian Youth, a youth-led, international organization committed to amplifying voices of the Asian community through digital activism, grassroots organizing, and community-based advocacy. In less than a year, DAY has published 350+ literary works, expanded to 150+ chapters across 13 countries, and held 30+ webinars and workshops. Outside of her work with Dear Asian Youth, Stephanie also co-founded CUSD Against Racism, a student-led organization devoted to combating racism and inequity in Capistrano Unified School District. Her work at CUSD Against Racism includes collaborating with the District to push its Open Letter demands, leading all 6 student task forces across CUSD's various high schools, and managing the content creation team. Stephanie is also the co-executive director of the Women of Color Conference. The 2-day conference held in March united 4,850+ girls of color to engage with career-oriented panels from 31 renowned speakers, mental wellness workshops, a mentorship program, $4000 in scholarships, and performances from creatives of color. From the conference, Stephanie witnessed firsthand the sheer power of unity and solidarity among women of color. In addition, Stephanie is the education policy director of the California Association of Student Councils, which seeks to equip California students with tools to directly influence the education system, and is also the media director of Empowerment Collective, which works to engage and mobilize youth in every step of the legislative process to pass groundbreaking legislation in California. In her high school, she serves as the Diversity Coalition Student Representative, Cultural Proficiency Task Force Student Representative, and Counseling Advisory Board Student Representative. In her free time, she enjoys expressing her creativity through writing poetry and playing piano.