Soledad (Solie) Edison


Soledad (Solie) Edison is a junior at Free State High School in Lawrence, Kansas, where Solie serves as the council chair of the Student Equity Council. The council works to develop spaces for underprivileged students in a predominately white school and area. As part of the council, Solie helps review district and school policies that deal with harassment involving people of the marginalized communities of Free State. Solie pushes the continued incorporation of diverse values and respect through collaboration with the Board of Education and history curriculum revamp directors. During Black History Month, Solie and a Freestate Advanced Placement U.S. history teacher created biographies for important black figures for each day of the month; there are plans to do the same for Women's History Month an Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Solie also works for public advocacy for marginalized groups in the district and more broadly, developing a Multicultural Week to celebrate culture in Lawrence and conduct neglected but needed conversations on difficult topics such as race, gender and sexuality. Solie also created and implemented safe spaces for students to learn from invited speakers and educate each other from personal experiences, in the classroom as well as in Student Halls, where students can learn more about the things happening in our world today, as well as ask questions that their teachers may not always have the answers to. The council will continue to work in partnership with the African and African American Studies Department at the University of Kansas and the equity councils of the Lawrence middle schools in order to connect students from all age groups into one common thread of social justice and community work. Solie plans to continue to work in student advocacy and educational activism.