Sarah Adams


Sarah Adams is a 10th grader at East High School in Rochester, New York. Sarah recognized at a very young age the power of her voice to effect change and is working tirelessly by engaging her peers to do the same alongside her. While her focus is on racial equity in education, her activism has no boundaries. As a pivotal member of Teens With Attitude (TWA), a youth coalition comprised of several Rochester area youth organizations, Sarah and other students fought for and won foundation aid for the Rochester City School District. She further advocated in a "We Won but We Ain't Done!" Youth Field Day to spread awareness about students’ priorities in terms of how that aid would be used. One critical impact of their efforts was that fifty fewer RCSD teachers had their jobs cut; most of those teachers were people of color and had been the district's most recent hires. Sarah says there was a culture shift that made the youth voice much more valuable, and she is working to maintain that dynamic. Sarah is also a youth organizer at the Center for Teen Empowerment. She says she will continue to look at the various issues youth face today and create and inspire dialogue that will help combat those problems to effect real system changes.