Sabrina McFarland


Sabrina McFarland, a senior at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, has led and assisted in a broad spectrum of school-wide programming aimed at improving race relations. As Student Council Inclusion Chair, she facilitates weekly meetings with the leaders of affinity clubs. This past fall she hosted her school's affinity club mixer. The conversations at the event included a session on white privilege, beauty standards for Asian identifying women, and the experience of being queer and black. Sabrina's activities focus on finding solutions in the face of racial conflict and establishing greater racial harmony among her fellow students, regardless of their background. Sabrina has also been instrumental in planning her school's annual social justice conference, Walk withaA Purpose. Sabrina's leadership has helped guide her peers in developing workshops around topics such as microaggressions, intersectionality, black lives matter and the prison industrial system. Sabrina’s work with Walk with a Purpose, the affinity mixers and other activities has created a space for people to share their own reality with race and has fostered racial unity. Sabrina was recently awarded Youth of the Year by the Boys and Girls Club in San Francisco. She is constantly challenging herself to take risks, even if it means making difficult decisions.