Quinn Luong


Quinn Luong is a junior at The Haverford School in Haverford, Pa. Quinn serves as the co-chair of the Diversity Alliance and founder of the National Diversity Coalition (NDC), a student-run organization of over 80 student ambassadors across 20 states nationwide, working to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the communities of member schools. In response to the global outcry for social justice and change, Quinn recognized that the causes of systemic racism in his school were rooted in the school curriculum, insufficient restorative justice procedures and the lack of discussions surrounding DEI issues. Recognizing the lack of representation within his school curriculum, Quinn successfully petitioned his English department to remove a novel depicting Asian Americans in racist caricatures and incorporate better AAPI representation within each course and text. Quinn also progressively pushed for his predominantly white Honor Council to grant equitable voting power to the diversity liaisons, allowing them to fight for the justice of victims of discriminatory incidents by having a voice in decision-making. Quinn has also called for robust restorative justice procedures, through the formation of a bias protocol team, that serves to better help students like him that were subjected to harassment and bullying. After finally embracing his identity despite pushback and alienation from his peers, Quinn has made headlines in the newspaper and became a viral sensation on social media for his poems discussing anti-Asian sentiment and prose about homophobia within his community. Realizing his classes failed to address the polarizing political divide among students during the 2020 Presidential Election, Quinn facilitated and hosted the first-ever Open Political Discussion, in which over 100 students came to have tough conversations in a safe space. Seeing the demand for these conversations, Quinn hosts weekly Chit-Chat and Chews that are open discussions surrounding different DEI issues that are left out of the classrooms and textbooks. Outside of Haverford, Quinn is a member of Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon's Congressional Youth Cabinet, where he and other students provide Congresswoman Scanlon with their own ideas about solving pressing issues within their district and beyond. Realizing his school community goes only so far, Quinn decided to empower and work with students nationwide to enact real change within their communities in the National Diversity Coalition. He believes that all the effort he put into organizing, educating and mobilizing others will continue with future leaders who will continue his legacy and forever impact future generations of students who would walk in the same hallways.