Nicholas Anglin

Nicholas Anglin is a senior at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nick serves as the chief executive officer of his own nonprofit, Black, Young, and Educated (B.Y.E.), which he started after noticing a lack of opportunities that catered to black youth within the city of Pittsburgh. He wanted to create educational events, with a twist, to compel teens to attend — and who better to plan such events than teens themselves? After winning $750 in a community contest funded by a Central alumnus, he and his partners funded their first event, a Black Business Social. The Black Business Social allowed black business owners and professionals to share their experiences with youth and was attended by more than 100 people, ranging from elementary school students to adults. After the event’s success, he and his partners decided to fully commit to event planning and created Black, Young, and Educated. With their youth open mic nights, informational meetings, art showcases and panels, an upcoming IGTV series, and networking events, Nick has been at the forefront. The success of the first event led to fiscal sponsorship with 1HOOD Media, and Black, Young, and Educated was chosen to be a part of their Artivist Academy. Also, Nick has had the opportunity to be a part of the Shyne Awards and is currently in the process of working with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have offered to host the Second Annual Black Business Social. Nick is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and fun to engage a younger audience, continuing the work of B.Y.E. into the future, and is planning Summer 2020 events and reaching out to donors and grant-making organizations.