Maya Dummett


Maya Dummett is a senior at Morristown High School in Morristown, New Jersey, where she serves as the president of Melanin Minds. As president, Maya cultivates a community-based space where students of color can find fellowship and take collective social justice action through productive discussions and service initiatives. Each week, Maya hosts meetings that begin with an educational segment, detailing the intricacies and nuances of race, and ends with an open forum, engaging members in a dialogue about tangible steps towards racial equity. Beyond weekly meetings, Melanin Minds is a pillar of the Morristown community, leading projects such as a school-wide speaker series for Black History Month to amplify Black culture and a Cultural Dinner Night to showcase the diversity of Morristown High School while collecting donations for the Table of Hope of Morristown. Melanin Minds is one of the leading student organizations pursuing racial justice in Morristown. Maya is also a National Liberation Leader and Youth Facilitator with Diversity Talks. Every month, she leads adults from schools, companies and non-profits through interactive workshops about race and its intersections with gender, class and other aspects of identity with the ultimate goal of dismantling systemic oppression. Prior to stepping into this role, Maya completed 40 hours of diversity, equity and inclusion training and received the Perceptive Powerhouse Award from Diversity Talks for her leadership. Through this work, Maya has impacted over 2,000 youth and adults. Maya's hope is to stay involved in these activities by providing mentorship and guidance to future youth leaders even as she prepares to leave for college in the fall of 2022.