Mandy Sun


Mandy Sun is a senior at Boston Latin School in Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up in and volunteering within the Chinatown area, Mandy witnessed the discrimination and marginalization of Asian American Pacific Islanders that has been widely ignored due to the misconception of AAPI as a monolithic group filled with high-income high-achievers. Hoping to dismantle this myth, she became a youth organizer focused on educating and uplifting underrepresented Asian voices. She co-founded the youth organizing group of the Greater Malden Asian American Community Coalition, where she not only spoke at the statehouse about Chinese Americans' forgotten contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad but also hosted workshops on various issues like anti-Blackness and mental health. Additionally, she co-created the first Asian American multimedia contest in her community and is currently leading a mutual aid network that is teaching 15 elementary kids racial justice through art. As a result of the rise of Asian hate crimes during the pandemic, Mandy worked with GMAACC in co-hosting their anti-Asian racism symposium that housed over 400 attendees including 11 government officials and thousands of views on Facebook. Following the event, she co-wrote a petition under the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center that called for school leaders to take action against anti-Asian hate through various policies and support systems. Given her work, she has met with school leaders and provided testimonies to Boston Public Schools that have been utilized to create long-term institutional changes. At Boston Latin, Mandy serves as the senior class secretary and officer of Asian Students in Action. She has aided in the founding of their BIPOC club coalition and has even led a school-wide event on anti-Asian crimes. Mandy hopes to continue her advocacy efforts throughout her life, centering the community in everything she does. In the upcoming months, she will be one of the lead organizers for the MassCARE education bill and will be creating an AAPI counter-narrative podcast. While Mandy will continue to be involved in advocacy in college, she hopes to prepare and pass the torch of activism and change to those younger than her in both BLS and GMAACC. She believes that through webs of interpersonal conversations, we can all make one giant step in advancing racial equity.