Machayla Randall


Machayla Randall is a senior at Cherry Hill High School East in Cherry Hill, N.J. Machayla plays as a captain for the East Volleyball Team and is one of the leaders of the African American Culture Club. As one of the leaders, she took part in organizing a student led protest and march titled, "The Learning Begins Now; Stop the Ignorance" where they pushed educational reforms in the district including mandating an African American Studies Course with race relations as a graduation requirement for all high school students. The goal of this course is to not only uncover other perspectives in history for a more diverse lesson, but to challenge the traditional way of thinking through learning with a new viewpoint. Eventually, after many meetings and discussions with committees, the Cherry Hill Board of Education approved the course to begin with the freshman class of 2025 on February 27, 2021. Though the course was passed, Machayla recognizes that this is only the first step, and continues to advocate for change, through media and working with the Social Justice Committee formed in her community.