Leanne Nunes

Leanne Nunes is a senior at Pelham Lab High School in Bronx, New York. She is the executive high school director of IntegrateNYC (INYC), a youth-led integration organization whose main goal is to ensure that equity and justice exist in all the New York City public schools, serving more than 1.1 million students. To achieve this, the organization has a structure of integration and youth power that restores, reclaims, and respects the dignity of all young people in all New York City public schools. INYC is grounded in dismantling and restructuring hierarchies of power that further disenfranchise already vulnerable groups. The organization's leaders believe in the act of passing along power with youth as change-makers who should have the capacity to lead and advocate for themselves and others on the issues that impact them directly: "There should be nothing done to us that was not with, by, or for us." Leanne has held two official positions in INYC. She served as director of equity for two years and then transitioned to executive director in 2019. Leanne and the rest of the executive team are in the process of training another high school student to take her place after graduation.