Kyla Warman

2020 -KANSAS
Kyla Warman is a senior at Kearney High School in Kearney, Missouri. Kyla serves as the founder and president of Kearney Inclusion N' Diversity (K.I.N.D.), the first organization of its kind in her school district. K.I.N.D. was built to create a safe place for all to come and be heard without fear of being judged. The goal is to allow opportunities for personal growth for all students to learn about the beauty of what makes everyone different. The idea for this organization was sparked through Kyla's and her brother's experiences of racial harassment. Kyla recognized the issue at hand and knew that no one else who walked into her school deserved to experience the hate and bigotry she had. The creation of K.I.N.D. was the first part of a journey on finding solutions to such a big issue, and the promotion of it by the district led to a platform being built to talk about uneasy topics. K.I.N.D.'s major project of the year was having a booth at the Liberty Diversity Festival, where members shared their message and visitors were able to participate in the "I Have A Dream" project, writing their envisioned dreams and hopes for the world. With this collection of diverse aspirations and goals, K.I.N.D was able to bring the results back to the school to speak on unification in the common goal of bettering our society. K.I.N.D also has history month and awareness month boards hung up so people are learning about cultures, races, and diversity outside of her small suburban town, along with interactive meetings where the student body tackles topics like stereotypes, being an ally, and white privilege. K.I.N.D. has approximately 45 members. Through newspaper coverage, school-wide activities, and community service, hundreds of people have been impacted in some way by Kyla's service. It is her hope that her small actions will help enable others, so that her community may reach a point where actions that are indoctrinated to imply inferiority and hate will instead be the catalyst for actions of love, power, and unity through future K.I.N.D. members.