Jamal Sayid

2021 - GEORGIA

Jamal Sayid is a senior at Grayson High School in Loganville, Georgia. He is an advocate for social justice as the president and founder of Global Diversity and Awareness Club (GDAC), a national organization that fosters an understanding of world events and promotes racial inclusion. After recognizing that students of color and those of minority backgrounds have repeatedly encountered racism and discrimination, and struggled to feel accepted at his school, Jamal founded his organization to raise awareness of such issues and rebuild harmonious relationships between students of different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds and create a more inclusive environment among faculty members at his school and within his community. Through his organization's monthly meetings highlighting different regions of the world, Heritage Recognition Months, monthly forums, and advocacy campaigns, his organization has fostered a more collaborative, accepting, and tolerant environment. GDAC's initiatives have also facilitated more engagement from the administration and faculty at his school where students now feel proud of their diverse backgrounds and cultures without feeling fear of being rejected. He has also combined his research as a World Science Scholar, his passion for service as a 2021 Coca-Cola Scholar, and his commitment to leadership as Senior Class President with GDAC's platform; the club is dedicated to serving others by routinely coordinating food and clothing drives as well as PPE service drives for Atlanta clinics and hospitals. The dreams that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Congressman John Lewis had for the future continue in Global Diversity and Awareness Club's mission, where future leaders will continue the work to advance racial equity and promote further understanding of global events by engaging in meaningful conversations, promoting the importance of diversity, and ensuring a more accepting society conducive to love, appreciation, and care. Jamal’s organization has reached thousands of individuals within his school and even more within his city and community. His social justice and advocacy work has inspired him to undertake a career as an attorney and congressman in the future. Jamal intends to double major in political science and business administration at Rice University as a Trustee Distinguished Scholar in the fall.