Jada Andrews


Jada Andrews, a senior at Solon High School in Solon, Ohio, has been a driving force behind promoting diversity and fostering a strong sense of community for African American students. As the president of the African American Culture Club's executive board, Jada has revamped the club to create an inclusive environment and build a strong sense of community for African Americans attending Solon High School. Under her leadership, the club organized a field trip to the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan, for 30 students. This educational experience allowed them to delve deeper into African American history and culture, broadening their perspectives. Jada has also been instrumental in bringing successful guest speakers to club meetings, inspiring and encouraging students to strive for excellence and embrace their identities. Her commitment extends beyond the club, as she has collaborated with the district's diversity departments to create displays celebrating Black culture throughout Solon. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Jada was honored with the Change Agent of the Year award at Salon High School. Her tireless efforts have not only addressed existing issues within the community but have also paved the way for lasting positive change that will continue to impact the school long after her graduation. Jada's dedication to improving diversity and fostering an inclusive environment serves as an inspiration to her peers and the entire Solon community.