Hannah Guan


Hannah Guan is a junior at Basis San Antonio Shavano in San Antonio, Texas. She put her concern for racial disparities in education into action when she founded San Antonio Math Include (SaMi, mathinclude.org), a world-renowned student-founded organization that provides greater access to STEM education for students from all racial backgrounds and cultural perspectives. With hundreds of volunteers, SaMi has formed an international network that offers equal access to high-quality education to all students in need, including free classes, summer camps, and seminars for students in grades K-12 who are historically marginalized students of color including Black, Latino and Indigenous youth. In 2021, Hannah organized one of the largest summer camps in the nation, where 3502 students in 223 schools attended 219 sessions of math, computer science, and artificial intelligence classes. To ensure that the online program was accessible to campers from low socioeconomic backgrounds, Hannah offered Casting Your Future Scholarships for essential items, such as internet connections and microphones, which were needed for students to participate. Ultimately, Hannah organized the annual National Celebration of Inclusive Excellence Conference to bring students of all races from all over the world together to celebrate their math achievements. The conference invites keynote speakers with different identities to talk about their successful pathways to math. Students are able to meet mathematicians who have excelled and contributed and who are Black, Latinx, female, Indian and Native American. SaMi presented Distinguished Achievement Awards at the conference based on students' contributions to their class environment and their progress during their course of learning. Ninety-five percent of the award recipients are students of color. Over the years, SaMi has grown to one of the largest student-founded platforms in the world for youth to reach their full potential through equal education.