Hananeel Morinville

2019 – KANSAS

Hananeel Morinville is a sophomore at Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park, where she founded the Black Student Union and serves as its current president. While forming the Black Student Union, she faced great adversity, originally being denied by the school administration due to the belief that it was too controversial. However, she persisted. The goal of the Black Student Union is to promote unity, change and diversity, and help educate people. The group also seeks to increase awareness of black history and culture. The club is accessible to all students, and students are free to express who they are and explain what they stand for without being judged. Hananeel also serves as president of Diversity Club, which celebrates the Hispanic/Latin American and Black population. During the months of October and February, a performance is held at the school, bringing in over 900 students and community members to celebrate through musical performances and spoken word poetry. Both the Black Student Union and Diversity Club give students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, ultimately reducing racism and racial conflict in the community. Both of these clubs have brought positive change that will be sustained in future years.