Ethan Khorana

2021 - OHIO

Ethan Khorana is a freshman at the Mastery School of Hawken in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the summer of 2020, Ethan co-founded an organization called the Minorities Together Movement which led a police reform campaign in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The organization, built of people under the age of fifteen, created the Just Society Proposal: a list of simple legislative police reforms. The Minorities Together Movement campaigned for these reforms alongside the ACLU of Ohio and the Shaker Heights Anti-Racism Coalition and conducted several meetings with the mayor and members of the Shaker Heights City Council. After organizing several protests, town halls and meetings, a list of these legislative recommendations was included in the first round of police reforms, and police union contracts were renegotiated to not let officers’ disciplinary actions be erased. In particular, the Movement’s protest was cited as the cause for deleting a "proposed contract clause (which) stated that oral and written reprimands shall, upon written request to the police chief, be removed from an employee’s file after a retention period of three years." In addition to his work on police reform with the Minorities Together Movement, Ethan is also the co-chair of the ACLU of Ohio Northeast Action Team for Police Reform, a board member of South Asians for Justice and Equity and a member of the League of Women Voters. Ethan has also testified in the Ohio State Senate on efforts to reduce the digital divide.