Elijah Jones


Elijah Jones is a junior at The Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware. He is a junior class officer and is co-president of the school's Black Student Union (BSU). Elijah has given a TEDx talk to raise awareness about the importance of diversity in 21st-century education. He has also been published in Delaware Online, stressing the need for diversity in his private school. Elijah developed Project Increase, a college awareness program geared towards middle school children of color. Project Increase is his effort to diversify schools that would benefit from the inclusion of the students he serves. Additionally, Elijah is involved in the fight for teacher diversity in Delaware. For ten months, he and his fellow Y.A.C. (Youth Advocacy Group) members have done extensive research on how a diverse faculty can benefit schools and students’ educational outcomes. As the co-president of his school's Black Student Union, Elijah attends conferences on diversity in private schools and how to deal with issues of racism. Elijah discusses ways he and his fellow BSU members can provoke change in their community. Elijah also talks to political groups about how to ease the tension between races at Tatnall. Recently, Elijah published an opinion piece in DelawareOnline on the need for school leaders to prioritize diversity and inclusion. Elijah believes we have to create the world we wish to see and claim opportunities in front of us. He envisions a better world and realizes that we all need to work to make this world a reality.