Celine Qin


At 13 years old, Celine Qin founded The Reclamation Project @ 916 (TRP@916), a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting social justice and achieving systems change, equity and liberation. Through her leadership, TRP@916 has mobilized more than 60,000 people to participate in various youth-led campaigns and demonstrations, directing a coalition consisting of more than 65 youth-serving entities, 200 organizers and volunteers and more than 450 programming learners from diverse communities. Her efforts ensure that marginalized and underserved youth have access to resources such as mutual aid, anti-oppression education, healing justice and solidarity. Celine, now a junior at Franklin High School in Sacramento County, California, is also the creator of Supplies for Solidarity, a program that partners with the California Department of Public Health and 65+ schools to redistribute $35,000 in health resources and educational supplies to low-income families, particularly those residing in Sacramento's predominantly BIPOC immigrant neighborhoods. She was appointed racial and economic justice chair of the advisory body on youth issues by the Sacramento County government. In this role, she represents 300,000 young people advocating to improve the life outcomes of historically underserved populations. Celine is collaborating with California Attorney General Rob Bonta to develop a youth conversation segment for statewide broadcasting. She has also met with representatives from the U.S. Department of State, the United Kingdom Parliament and other leaders to discuss restorative justice and racial equity. As part of these meetings, she shares the perspectives of young activists through the International Leaders Program.