Camille Chang

Camille Chang is a junior at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California. She works toward racial equality in her San Diego community by creating conversations about race between people of color and white people alike. Camille co-leads her school's Student Equity Advisory (SEA), which serves as a meeting place for all affinity and alliance groups on her campus to share ideas about how to promote equity and justice in her school community. SEA works to provide an outlet for intersectional diversity work and strives toward the idea that every racial group has a responsibility to stand up for other racial groups and stand in solidarity with one another in the fight for true equality in a given community. SEA has done a large amount of work in changing English and history curricula to reflect a more accurate representation of the real world and inspire students of color to think about their personal histories. Particularly in the privileged community of a private school in Southern California, Camille noticed a lack of conversation about race and lingering effects of racism in her predominantly white school, and as such co-created an "Anti-Racist Group" inspired by the book "How to Be an Anti-Racist" by Ibram X. Kendi, in which white students and faculty have the opportunity for introspection and thinking about what their whiteness means. Camille co-leads her school's Asian American Pacific Islander Affinity Group as well, which puts on cultural celebrations and educational events such as the Lunar New Year Potluck, in addition to meeting during Friday lunches to watch anime, discuss politics, and talk about the unique AAPI experience. She believes that the equity work she has participated in affects all students at her school, not just those who attend affinity or alliance group meetings, and hopes that underclassmen will drive justice work forward in her school and in San Diego.