Bianca Torres Murray


Bianca Torres Murray is a junior at Polytechnic School in Pasadena. Bianca interned for Professor Sean Kennedy at Loyola Law School's (LLS) Center for Juvenile Law and Policy, where she researched and wrote a report on the history of deputy gangs within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD). Her goal was to expose corruption and the targeting of people of color within the LASD. Bianca’s report was given to the Los Angeles Civilian Oversight Commission in hopes that it will lead to policy changes that rebuild trust with communities of color. It was also published for an LLS conference on gangs. Harvard University selected Bianca to serve as a youth advisor for the Making Caring Common Project. Every month, Bianca invites someone from a marginalized group to share their story with a small group of students over lunch. Bianca has invited former gang members from Homeboy Industries, a person wrongly convicted of a felony, and a DACA recipient. As co-president and co-founder of Breaking Boundaries, a club that promotes awareness of immigrant and refugee issues, Bianca and her co-president and co-founder hosted an all upper school assembly to discuss immigrant and refugee issues. Their panelists included a DACA recipient, the co-director of LLS's Immigrant Justice Clinic, an Iranian refugee, and the founder of Miry's List, an organization that helps refugees in Los Angeles. As a result, Miry's List is now affiliated with Bianca's school as an organization for volunteer opportunities. Bianca’s goal is to promote diversity, inclusion, and empathy in her school.