Alyssa Wu


Alyssa Wu is a senior at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey. As the president of the school's Black and Latine Student Union (BLSU), Alyssa has helped create a more welcoming environment for the Black and Hispanic students at the high school. Since taking on the role of president as a sophomore, one year after the club's founding, she has worked closely with teachers and administrators to organize annual student-led lessons in honor of Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. These 125+ lessons emphasize empowerment and accomplishment, aiming to give Black and Hispanic students the direct voice and authority in classrooms to create a more diverse curriculum. In addition, Alyssa has been working toward making her school's admissions process more representative of Bergen County's demographics by offering free tutoring for admission applicants and targeted advertising efforts in Spanish, specifically aimed at middle schools with a predominantly Black and Hispanic student population. Alyssa is dedicated to promoting equity and accessibility, and plans to continue her advocacy work through college while pursuing studies in public policy.