Alondra Calva Giron


Alondra Calva Giron is a senior at John E. Dwyer Technology Academy in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The public schools in Elizabeth have a history of not adequately supporting students' college access, disproportionately affecting Hispanic and Black students. Alondra is an active member of Make the Road New Jersey, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the restoration of immigrant communities. She serves as both a Youth Power Project leader and a Student Success Center fellow within the organization. The Student Success Center is a peer-to-peer resource center that provides educational assistance to help students navigate the college application process. As a leader in the Student Success Center, Alondra is able to provide individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who aspire to attend institutions of higher education with the support and guidance they need to pursue their goals. As part of the Youth Power Project, Alondra works alongside other high school students to advocate for policies that promote immigrant rights, social justice and equity. The project uses creative arts programming, political education and leadership development to empower young people to take action against systemic injustices. Alondra collaborates closely with the youth organizer to plan initiatives like petitions, phone banking and protests aimed at addressing the biased systems that students face. Through her involvement with these organizations, Alondra believes that she is contributing toward achieving racial, educational and social equity in Elizabeth's public schools.