Aisha Chebbi

Aisha Chebbi is a senior at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami, Florida. She serves as senior class president, president of the Muslim Student Union, and as an officer in honor societies. Her own multifaceted identity — as a Hispanic, Arab, American, Muslim woman — has shaped her life significantly and inspired her to use her voice for the betterment of her community. Aisha is the founder and host of "The Hybrid Podcast," which fosters much-needed conversation about the beauties and struggles of balancing multiple identities in the melting pot that is the U.S. With a growing base of over 430 listeners, "The Hybrid" has inspired change in the ways and means by which students in Miami learn about the diversity of their city, as well as engaging them to build a sense of empathy towards others. Listeners have remarked that the podcast does "an amazing job of diving into different cultures and showcasing how cultures intertwine with current events and [our] identities." This podcast is the culmination of three years of work in the Miami community centered around inclusivity and activism for various causes afflicting the area. Aisha is also the co-founder and president of InterFaith Youth Miami (IFYM), a youth group whose mission is to eradicate the barriers that divide faith communities. Locally, their meetings include students of Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and agnostic backgrounds, all united in their interest in interfaith dialogue. Members of IFYM have expressed gratitude at having a place where they can simply ask delicate questions that they did not trust the internet to answer. The group has had a positive impact in reducing levels of misunderstanding surrounding different faith communities, as well as in promoting respect and empathy for the religious diversity found in Miami, and the U.S as a whole.