Ahmed Eldeeb

2024 - TAMPA

Ahmed Eldeeb is an 18-year-old Egyptian American from Port Orange, Florida, where he attends Spruce Creek High School. He is a climate researcher, author and activist who focuses on climate education, specifically targeting youth with learning disabilities. Ahmed wrote the children's book "Laila's Toolbox," which features the often-neglected perspective of a Muslim woman and highlights the lack of discussion regarding the climate crisis and health protocols in marginalized communities. The book aims to enlighten young minds about the importance of diverse viewpoints and the essence of inclusion and is available at major retailers such as Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Ahmed dedicated the book to his grandmother (Teta Laila), and is donating all proceeds toward climate relief in Chad, a country on the frontlines of the crisis. Additionally, Ahmed worked with a group of students on The Reading Room, an initiative in Volusia County that offers a refurbished learning environment with a range of accessible educational resources, including test prep books (e.g., AP, SAT, ACT). He also founded the first truly international task force for Key Club International, an organization with over 230,000 members worldwide. Ahmed served as a co-chair for this task force, which had an objective of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. His work was complemented by his involvement with the Global Relations Committee. Ahmed strives to create an environment where diversity is not just tolerated but embraced, and where every student feels seen, heard and understood.