Past Prize Recipients

We have awarded over 300 Prizes and recognized over 850 students for their outstanding work in race relations.

Meet our 2019 Prize recipients. Click on their names to see detailed descriptions of their projects.
Read about our 2019 Princeton Prize winning projects [PDF].

  • Jocelyne Argüelles

    Jocelyne Argüelles
    Jocelyne Argüelles is one of the three Student Board of Education representatives for her school, as well as the president of the Latinx Student...
  • Karson Baldwin

    Karson Baldwin
    Karson Baldwin is the founder of Oné Respé, a relationship-based partnership between immigrant and refugee students at Cleveland's K-12 International...
  • Shawn Brooks

    Shawn Brooks
    Shawn Brooks serves as senior class president as well as president for More Than Words, a leadership diversity training club.
  • Emily "Emmy" Cho

    Emily Cho
    Emily "Emmy" Cho is the president and co-founder of the Chicago North Shore Asian-American Youth Coalition (AAYC), which was founded with the vision...
  • Kristopher Hill

    Kristopher Hill
    Kristopher Hill created and directs the group Engaging in Our New Surroundings (EONS), which involves students from University Prep and Grosse Pointe...
  • Mawahib Ismail

    Mawahib Ismail
    Mawahib Ismail is a Senior Leadership Council Member in her school's Black Student Union.
  • Jonathan Janvier

    Jonathan Janvier
    Jonathan Janvier serves as president and co-founder of the Racial and Social Justice Alliance, RASJA, bringing students together to discuss problems...
  • Elijah Jones

    Elijah Jones
    Elijah Jones is a junior class officer and is co-president of the school's Black Student Union (BSU).
  • Soleil Kelly

    Soleil Kelly
    Soleil Kelly is the president and founder of the Black Student Union (BSU) at the school, the first in the region, and is also a captain of the...
  • Melissa Khasbagan

    Melissa Khasbagan
    Melissa Khasbagan established 1000 Books in 2018 to provide students with the resources to learn English to become global citizens.
  • Peyton Klein

    Peyton Klein
    Peyton Klein is the founder of Global Minds Initiative, a student-led, international movement to combat cultural intolerance and discrimination in...
  • Vinay Konuru

    Vinray Konuru
    Vinay Konuru is organizing a community workshop on the importance of racial diversity in gifted education, inviting nationally renowned education...
  • Sarina Krishnan

    Sarina Krishnan
    Sarina Krishnan is a San Diego native and loves the city's vastly diverse community of people with unique cultures, religions, and backgrounds.
  • Sabrina McFarland

    Sabrina McFarland
    Sabrina McFarland has led and assisted in a broad spectrum of school-wide programming aimed at improving race relations
  • Audrey McNeal

    Audrey McNeal
    Audrey McNeal founded the first political debate club in her school's history called Political Converse.
  • Hananeel Morinville

    Hanaleel Morinville
    Hananeel Morinville founded the Black Student Union at Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park and serves as its current president.
  • Ana Mosisa

    Ana Mosisa
    Ana Mosisa has engaged in various race relations activities throughout her community. She is the founder and president of her school's African...
  • Kennedy Musgrave

    Kennedy Musgrave
    Kennedy Musgrave created the International Baccalaureate Achievers program for African American students on track to enter or pursuing the IB Diploma...
  • Frishta Nasari

    Frishta Nasari
    Frishta Nasari is a senior at Emmett J. Conrad High School in Dallas. Frioshta fled war and persecution in Ghazni, Afghanistan at the age of 13.
  • Elijah "RaShad" Oliver

    Elijah "RaShad" Oliver
    Elijah “RaShad” Oliver has dedicated the last few years to engineering bonds to fix racial fracturing in both his school and local communities.
  • Nia Reid-Vicars

    Nia Reid-Vicars
    During her junior year, Nia Reid-Vicars created her school's Black Student Union as a way for the small number of black students to share their...
  • Jazmine Shaw

    Jazmine Shaw
    Jazmine Shaw serves on the executive board of David Brearley Middle/High School's Race Matters Alliance.
  • Amela Sijecic

    Amela Sijecic
    Amela Sijecic serves as the founder and president for a program called S.I.D.E. With Us (Students Improving Diversity & Equity), which includes...
  • Joshua St. Hill

    Joshua St. Hill
    Joshua St. Hill was the playwright and lead actor of an award-winning play, "A King's Story." 
  • Mei Mei Sun

    Mei Mei Sun
    Mei Mei Sun has been acutely aware of the neo-segregation that plagues the Magic City.
  • Bianca Torres Murray

    Bianca Torres Murray
    Bianca Torres Murray interned for Professor Sean Kennedy at Loyola Law School's (LLS) Center for Juvenile Law and Policy.
  • Kayla E. Webster

    Kayla Webster
    Kayla E. Webster is president of the school's African American Culture Club and co-founder and vice president of the second high school chapter of...
  • Kidest Yigezu

    Kidest Yigezu
    Kidest Yigezu is president of the Mosaics Club, which opens doors to start dialogues about racial inequality and social justice.