Applications are evaluated on each of the three following criteria. The work you have done toward racial equity and understanding is much more important than the quality of your writing.

1. The significance of your activity and how it advances racial equity, understanding and mutual respect among members of your school or community.

2. Your role in the activity.

3. The scope and impact of your activity on your school or community.

You may preview a PDF version of the application here.

Two-Part Application

There are two parts of the application — one for you and one for your sponsor. Your sponsor must be a teacher, advisor, community or religious leader, or other responsible adult, who is not related to you, and who oversaw your project or who has directly witnessed your project's outcome. They must be familiar with the work you are presenting for the Prize. Both parts of the application should be submitted online. If accessibility to the internet is an issue, please call us at 1-800-742-1036 or email [email protected] and we can make alternate arrangements.