Our Mission

The mission of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations is to identify and recognize high school students who, through action and service, have demonstrated leadership in advancing racial equity, promoting racial understanding, or eliminating racial bias and prejudice in their schools and communities.

Our Vision

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations envisions a nation that embraces harmony and respect, in which all individuals, regardless of race or ethnic or cultural background, have every opportunity to thrive and rise to their full potential in just, equitable and inclusive communities.

Our Pillars

These pillars are the foundation for the work of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations (PPRR) towards fulfilling its mission:

PILLAR I: High School Students and their Communities

  • Elevates the voices and work of high school students creating positive change in their communities
  • Encourages and prepares young people to maximize their leadership and impact
  • Provides opportunities for young activists to network and collaborate
  • Creates avenues for community engagement and endorsement

PILLAR II: Princeton Alumni

  • Creates opportunities for alumni to engage with each other and their communities around the issues of race, racism and racial equity
  • Connects alumni to the University's priorities for diversity, equity and inclusion

PILLAR III: Princeton University

  • Using the reputation of Princeton University, shines a light on activities in communities across the country which address systemic racism and racial inequality
  • Provides an outlet for public awareness of Princeton University's commitment to and priorities around racial equity and diversity