History of the Prize

Founded Fall 2003

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations (PPRR) was founded in the fall of 2003. Founder Henry Von Kohorn '66 recognized the need to support and encourage young high school students committed to fostering positive race relations within their communities. Henry's vision was founded on the notion that early encouragement, reward and support for these students would motivate them to continue this critical work in college and beyond. Further, that these students would create a virtuous cycle that would continue to foster positive race relations well beyond the scope of their initial projects.

Over 500 Prizes Awarded

From pilot programs in two regions (Washington, D.C. and Boston) in 2004, today, PPRR operates in 28 regions nationally and also has an At-Large region to support areas not currently supporting a regional committee. We are a volunteer-run organization enlisting the support of over 400 Princeton alumni, all dedicated to a diverse, inclusive, and amicable society. Regional committees each choose a Prize winner and Certificate of Accomplishment awardees. They then recognize these students at local prize ceremonies and, when possible, at school assemblies. Through the support of alumni and the generous support of Princeton University, PPRR has awarded over 500 Prizes and more than 1500 Certificates of Accomplishment.