Princeton Prize in Race Relations

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations has honored more than 2,000 high school students who have worked to advance racial equity in their communities. We have listened, learned, and continue to learn, so much from the efforts of these young leaders as they advocate for and amplify the voices and lives of those who have been marginalized for far too long. They give us hope and are a reminder that each of us has the power to make a difference through important conversations, advocacy, and allyship.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations (PPRR) recognizes and rewards high school students who, through their volunteer activities, have undertaken significant efforts to advance racial equity and understanding in their schools or communities.

PPRR operates through 28 Regional Committees and an at-large committee that accepts applications from high school students who live outside the geographic boundaries of the existing regions. Each committee is responsible for awarding one Princeton Prize and may also award Certificates of Accomplishment for notable work.

Each of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations recipients receives an award of $1,000 and is invited to participate in a Symposium on Race. During the symposium, recipients will have the opportunity to meet and learn from other Princeton Prize recipients from across the country and to speak with others engaged in racial justice work and scholarship. Prize recipients and Certificate of Accomplishment recipients are also recognized at ceremonies in their home regions by local Princeton alumni.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations is run by over 400 Princeton alumni volunteers, all dedicated to an inclusive and supportive society, who feel that it is critical to this nation to address issues of racial inequity and develop better racial understanding.

Alumni of Princeton University who would like to volunteer with the Princeton Prize should contact us at [email protected].

2024 award recipients of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations

Recipients of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations have stood up to intolerance, worked toward advancing racial equity, and encouraged racial comity in their school or communities.