Ziad Ahmed

2016 - Central NJ

Ziad founded Redefy, a teen organization committed to defying stereotypes, redefining perspectives positively, and embracing tolerance. Each school year, the Redefy team chooses a resolution to focus activities and activism. The mission for 2015-2016 was to reduce racial prejudice and hate within local and global communities, which was accomplished by a variety of campaigns and programs both on- and off-line. These included VOICES, a dialogue in which teenagers shared their personal experiences with discrimination; #DareToUnderstand, an online campaign that raised money to combat the anti-Muslim advertisements on SEPTA buses; #PrincetonAgainstRacism, a campaign to demonstrate the inclusive nature of our community through portraiture; and #TheGenerationOfNow, a public event that addressed urgent issues related to racial justice. Redefy has been a platform that sheds light on racism and has had major success in spreading awareness, provoking change, and inspiring action within its community. Redefy's work has attracted both local and national attention, and President Barack Obama recognized Ziad's efforts during the 2015 White House dinner.