Shawn Ohazuruike

2016 - Northern NJ

As a senior at Delbarton School, Shawn transformed the culture of his high school by creating and leading a student group called Diversity Among Peers (DAP). Through DAP, Shawn prods his peers to directly confront issues of race and class, teaches them to cope with discomfort when engaging in race discussions and empowers minority students to lead and demand change. His courage to "stand in front of the whole school saying, we have a problem" impacted conversations, activities, school budget and goal setting. Delbarton students participated in conferences in Camden, learned from urban peers, and engaged with one another on a range of diversity topics. In addition to coordinating these excursions, Shawn attended every diversity conference he could locate and has networked with a range of schools to elicit best practices and share those ideas at Delbarton. Shawn has pursued his vision of making the school "an all- inclusive safe space for people who feel different in every aspect of the word."