Quincy Inman

2011 - Rochester

Quincy has lived on his own since he was homeless at 15, on the fringes of urban society. During his high school years at the School Without Walls in Rochester, NY he became keenly aware of the hardships of minority students facing educational and social adversity. As the school experienced an influx of new students from a wide range of foreign countries and cultural backgrounds, Quincy observed many incidents of hurtful intolerance and antagonism and he became determined to remedy them. Quincy’s year-long senior project — a solo effort representing the culmination of his School Without Walls education — reflected a serious and ambitious undertaking to illuminate the causes of prejudice and encourage multicultural interaction. Quincy designed and orchestrated a school-wide Culture Day that powerfully dealt with these problems, grappling a range of issues involving stereotypes, stigmas, prejudice and hatred. Quincy opened minds that day, and he opened hearts. Today, historical patterns of distance and distrust between racial groups have begun to be replaced by mutual respect and open communication.