Pranaya Anshu

2015 - San Diego

After experiencing race-based discrimination at her neighborhood library, Pranaya was determined to understand the issue of racism in depth and to take action. She created a new library program, Children's Craft Time, in an effort to promote racial harmony in her community. Every Saturday, children from elementary and middle school come to learn about a different country and make crafts that correspond to the country in that week's lesson. The program is a success not only with the children but also with their parents, who have the opportunity to interact with one another during the Craft Time. Other high school students have asked to be involved with the program, and now all volunteers who help with Children's Craft Time not only discuss the dire effects of racism and the importance of racial harmony within the program, but they also bring these discussions to their schools and homes. Pranaya hopes that by educating and teaching people about different cultures, they realize we can all coexist in harmony with respect, regardless of the color of our skin.